02 March 2006

In the darkest hour...a hero will come...

Well, actually, this is a pretty damn good time for comics, longstanding structural problems notwithstanding. Independent work, whether highbrow or "new mainstream" has flowered; manga is cheap and plentiful. Even the big superhero publishers manage to publish good work now and then in between the massive clusterfuck events. But even if comics doesn't need a prophet or a messiah, it always has room for more idiots with blogs and now we're some of them. I don't want to talk a lot about the mainstream stuff here, either drooling over it or bashing it. There will be some snark occasionally, yes, but not all aimed at superheroes, and I don't want it to consume everything. I intend to focus positively on good comics, wherever they come from, especially certain indie creators and manga (between myself and a couple other folks here we should at least have a decent coverage of the latter). I'll also hopefully be talking about broader trends and issues in the medium; such as that whole "breaking in" kick, which I'm currently working hard on myself (tip: just start making comics!). Most importantly, I will of course continue posting silly shit like the picture above.

Like another guy who'll be blogging here, my name is Chris. If this ever confuses you, just remember that he is much more caustic and belligerent. Also older, lives in NYC instead of Toronto, etc.


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