27 February 2006

An Introduction

I spend a lot of time thinking about funnybooks. I think about them because I enjoy them. I read a lot of funnybooks because I like reading them. And consequently, I often find myself talking about funnybooks. This is a blog for that.

Unfortunately, sometimes funnybooks are not good. Generally, I don't like bad media, and bad funnybooks are no exception. When I talk about these, people often say, "why do you hate comic books?"

But obviously, I don't hate funnybooks. I like them a lot, otherwise I wouldn't care when there are bad ones. To hate funnybooks would be to assume that they're all bad. This is clearly not the case. There are many great writers, artists and cartoonists out there working, and lots of people who created throughout the 20th Century whose work is finally getting the availability and attention it richly deserves. I want to talk about those funnybooks too, because they're a lot of fun and most of them aren't getting attention commensurate to their quality.

But sometimes funnybooks need tough love.

There is going to be some of that, too.

We criticize because we care.

Hopefully it will be constructive criticism.

Sometimes it will just be cruel jokes.

But it will always be with the best interests of Team Comics in mind.


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