27 June 2006

We still Hatin' Roundtable : Round 1

In a long needed move, we're gonna be running a roundtable on a frequent enough basis to talk about comic topics that don't need a sixteen page post that no one is going to read all of no matter how attractive looking the poster is (look below for further example). I present to you, the first edition of the We still Hatin' Roundtable. Enjoy.

Topic 1: OYL Month 4, only 9 months until we know what's going on, what's been the best we seen and the worst?

Superman/Action Comics (Oh god, this has been great, Busiek has finally given Clark a narrative voice!), Aquaman (Busiek has finally given this book a readership!), Teen Titans (I know I am totally alone on this but this book is great fun), Green Lantern, Green Arrow (finally, Winick's run is worth reading again), Blue Beetle, Checkmate, Firestorm, Robin (for most improved)

Supergirl, Outsiders, Manhunter, Catwoman, Hawkgirl, Ion, Spectre, Supergirl and the Legion, Secret Six.

Batman/Detective Comics (This isn't *bad* so much as hugely disappointing - come on, Two-Face AGAIN?), Battle for Bludhaven (This is really, truly incomprehensible storytelling and lazy writing), Shadowpact ("This is opaque!"), JSA.

Up, Up and Away is quite possibly the first Superman Book I've wanted to own and have on my shelf in years. I am actually caring about wherever Geoff Johns is going with Hal OYL since it's the first time Hal Jordan has seemed intresting to me in active contiunity. Blue Beetle and Firestorm are not just reboots of familiar properties with festive minority dressing, but really good books about young teen heroes that other DC properties are failing to do anything with. I'm actually picking this up in single issue.

Nightwing is an example of what's wrong with Didio's ability to select the correct creative team. Flash contiunes a streak a mediocry from it's pre-OYL arc, by featuring fill in level art with a set of writers who have a fantastic idea but not the ability to execute it well. Hopefully, they'll get a better artist and the writers will grow into writing funnybooks. I would shit on Face to Face, but I dropped that book after the 3rd issue. I don't think anything in the world could get me back.

Best? Checkmate. I was incredibly skeptical, but I gave it a try and it's an amazing book that works well even if you've got no previous DCU knowledge.

Worst? here are plenty of titles I didn't expect to be good, and of course Nightwing is by far the worst book DC has, but as far as being disappointed by expectation I'm gonna go with Robinson's Face the Face. The poor guy has said himself that he doesn't even know what's going on with all the continuity, but that doesn't necessarily excuse him from bad writing.


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