12 July 2006

We still Hatin' Roundtable : Round Duo

Another Week, more shit to bitch about! Holla!

Topic 1: DC's shift towards a new house art style has pushed one of my favorite books to the wayside, so this week we ask since Solo is ending in 2 issues, who do you think should have gotten a Solo?

Jon B:
Ethan Van Sciver was apparently responsible for the majority of what made Green Lantern: Rebirth a good comic, from the gorgeous art to the fantastic construction to all the little visual cues he came up with. According to some Wizard interview somewhere, he also might as well have written half of the damn thing (the good half -- the half without that hilarious sucker punch). He's extremely versatile -- compare his Impulse run to his Green Lantern run -- and has good narrative sense. Frankly, the only reason I can think of for him not getting a Solo is him turning it down because he had too much work.

J. H. Williams III is a dude you cannot say enough good things about ever in terms of artwork. He's one of the best and most thoughtful mainstream artists working today, and his work shows it. Desolation Jones, in particular, is an examples of Williams taking an otherwise middling Ellis comic and turning it into something to come back to. His art in Seven Soldiers #0 and in other works speaks for itself.

Seth Fisher would have been neat to see, but he's passed away.

David Lapham is a competent artist, but his strength lies in his writing and his storytelling -- see his Detective Comics run, his Daredevil vs Punisher mini, and his indie serial Stray Bullets. His art and composition are not the most inventive, nor does has he really demonstrated a range in his work, but nevertheless, since in theory Solo is about the complete package and not just the art, Lapham is the best choice for a complete Solo candidate.

I have to say it would be amazing to see Kyle Baker get out of his exclusive contract and do a Solo issue for DC. He loves the characters and he's a great storyteller. He's able to nail both serious and comedic work so well, I would love for him to do all of them in a Solo.

I would also love to see Bendis draw and write another story. Even though his art isn't fantastic, I've gotten a kick out of his Total Sell Out. I imagine he could do wonders with 48 pages.

I really think Kaare Andrews is an artist with possibly six to seven different styles and I would greatly enjoy to see him execute all these styles with the help of the 52 Writing Team.

Even though he is currently going out of his mind, I wouldn't mind a Frank Miller Solo more in the vein of Sergio Aragones' Solo, with personal tales from Miller's life.

Chris R:
At first I was going to say someone like Cassaday, but he's already got a ton of work out there and his talent is properly recognized. Philip Bond, then, a great artist who's criminally underappreciated, or the likes of Geof Darrow and Travis Charest, who put out gorgeous pages at an agonizing trickle. If we could go into total fantasy territory, I'd love a Solo by Dave Sim or Moebius...Jamie Hewlett, if we could magically pry him away from the Gorillaz gravy train.


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